Why Choose a Pet Sitter? FAQs


Will a pet sitter care for my pets in my home or theirs?
Our pet sitters will visit your pets in your own home. This helps maintain their routine as much as possible and makes them more comfortable in familiar surroundings.  We do have boarding available for small and medium sized dogs.

Do pet sitters just take care of pets while people are out of town?
Pet sitters are available to care for your pets not only for when you are on vacation, but also for when you are at work, or away for the day.  We even do overnight stays for extra snuggle time!  PetCare Group is available for visits 24/7, every day of the year, including weekends and holidays.

How many times a day should I have the pet sitter come?
It’s best to keep your pets’ routines as close as possible to what they’re used to when you’re home.  Try to schedule visits as close as possible to your pets’ usual feeding and walking times and frequencies.

How long does each visit last?
Our mid-day weekday walks start at 20 minutes, but can be scheduled for 30, 45, or 60 minutes.  All other visits start at 30 minutes.  Need a multi-hour extended visit or overnight stay?  We do those, too!

How much do you charge?
Prices vary depending on the type of service and number of pets. Check out our Services page for more information.

Do I pay before or after my return?
We require payment in advance for all pet sitting services.  Mid-day weekday walking clients can be set up on a monthly invoicing system.  All clients need to place a credit card on file to reserve services, but can pay by cash, check, or credit card upon receipt of invoice.

What days do pet sitters provide their services?
We work 7 days a week, and are available every day of the year (including all weekends and holidays).

What if my pet becomes ill while I’m away?
The first choice is to take your pet to your usual vet. In case of an emergency however, we might need to use an alternate vet or emergency clinic. Emergency instructions will be reviewed at the service consultation.

Should the pet sitter be insured and/or bonded?
Yes. Liability insurance protects you should there be an incident while you are away. Your pet sitter should be able to show you proof of insurance and/or bonding.

Should I ask for references?
Most definitely! Ask for references and check on them.

Do pet sitters ever stay overnight?
We offer overnight stays should you request these services.

Do pet sitters work on holidays?
Yes. However, there is an additional fee for each holiday visit.

Just what will a pet sitter do at my house?
Generally, the visits will consist of providing fresh food and water, play time, outdoor time, and special loving attention for your pet. Other services may be provided such as taking trash out, rotating lights, bringing mail in, etc.

Can you visit my cat just once every few days while I’m gone?
No.  The minimum number of visits for cats is once per day.

Can I have the same pet sitter each time?
We have an excellent team of pet sitters that work different shifts and areas.  While we cannot guarantee you have the same sitter each time, depending on your schedule, we do our best to stay consistent.  In any case, rest assured that all of our pet sitters and dog walkers are trained, know your pets’ needs, and are covered under our liability and bonding insurance policies.

What will the pet sitter do at my house?
Generally, the visits will consist of walking dogs or taking them out to the yard, feeding and watering pets when necessary, playtime, and snuggle time.  Other services may be provided upon request, such as taking trash out, bringing in mail, and watering plants.

What do I need to do to start pet sitting service?
First, give us a call and set up a service consultation, or submit the request for a consultation online here. We’ll talk about your pet’s special needs and develop a plan for caring for your pet.  After our initial consultation, you just need to give us dates and times of service, as well as payment for your services, and you’re good to go.

If necessary, will the pet sitter take my pets to their location?
We have a limited space for boarding for small and medium sized dogs.  For pet sitting services, in the event that your pet becomes ill we can transport them to your vet and set up an extended stay at your residence to monitor your pets’ well being.

How much notice do you need to schedule a visit?
If this is your first time using PetCare Group, we will need time to schedule a Service Consultation to get the information we need for your pets’ care.  If you’re an established client, we are always only a phone call or email away.  Last minute fees do apply for reservations made the same day or day before service (or within a week of a holiday), but we will never turn you down for service.

What happens if I will be delayed in returning home?
It is extremely important that you let us know immediately if you will be arriving home late from your vacation in order for care to be continued. Please note that you will be charged for extra visits.

Will you charge me for visits if I come home early?
Clients are responsible for the entire initial reservation fee, even if they come home early. Please make sure to keep us updated if your schedule changes at any time.

What if there is an emergency in my home, unrelated to my pet?
We will do everything possible to resolve the situation.  We will contact you and your emergency contacts for assistance and to advise you of the situation.

Will you provide updates on how my pet is doing while I am away?
We leave notes for mid-day dog walks for your reading pleasure upon your return home.  For pet sitting reservations, we email notes each day to keep you informed of your pets’ adventures.

Do you keep client information/key/alarm codes confidential?
Yes, we do not share client contact information for marketing or any other purpose, and your personal records are kept secure at all times.

How does the sitter access my residence?
We do not keep keys on file. Access must be at each residence by door code, garage code, hidden key, or lock box. 

There are numerous benefits of using a professional pet caregiver; once you have experienced them, you will wonder why you haven’t started this system sooner!


Advantages for the Pet

Each day when you are away, the professional will visit your home to feed, care for, and play with your pets. Your pets will be able to stay in their comfortable home environment without much change to their regular routine. Pets will feel more secure and comfortable in their home than in a boarding facility, and you will not have the added trouble or trauma of transporting them to an unfamiliar environment. Additionally, your pets will not be exposed to illnesses (such as kennel cough) or parasites from other animals. They will have their favorite bed, toys, and food, and will look forward to their pet sitter friends coming to visit.



Benefits for the Pet Owner

Not only will your pets be happy, but your home will be cared for as well. You can opt to have your mail and newspaper brought in or plants watered, among other special services we offer, and will have less to worry about while you are away! You won’t be inconvenienced or upset by having to take your pets to the kennel. When you use PetCare Group, you won’t have to impose on a friend, family member or neighbor. Your home is made more secure by having regular visits by a pet sitter.

So what are you waiting for? This is the best situation you could hope for! Happy pets and a happy house!

For further research, read through our Pet Sitting Frequently Asked Questions.



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