Overnight Services

Does your dog or cat love to sleep in bed with its humans? Not to worry! We’ll hold down the fort while you’re gone. We love to wake up with paws in our face. Overnight stays are wonderful for all pets, but especially for elderly dogs or puppies who need frequent potty breaks during the night, or for dogs or cats with separation anxiety. Overnight stays include the usual feeding, walking, and household duties.

Don’t forget to schedule your other visits for daytime services, as the prices for Overnight Stays are just for the hours listed below.

Overnight Stay (9pm-6am): starting at $90* (1-2 pets); $10 each additional pet
Extended Overnight Stay (6pm-6am): Starting at $150*

*Holiday Fees for Overnights:
$20 additional per Overnight Stay
$40 additional per Extended Overnight Stay