Other Fees

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Out of Service Areas

If you are really in a crunch, we may be able to assist you. We can, depending on our schedule, service other nearby areas for an extra fee per visit.

$5 additional per visit on all services of out of our service area
$10 additional per Overnight Stay

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Holiday Surcharge

We can accommodate holiday pet sitting and dog walking. However, there is a small fee attached to each service. Listed below are the holidays on which you will find the Holiday Fee:

New Year’s Day • Easter Weekend • Memorial Day Weekend • Independence Day (Weekend if applicable) • Labor Day Weekend • Thanksgiving & Thanksgiving Weekend• Christmas Eve • Christmas Day (Weekend, if applicable) • New Year’s Eve

$10 additional per visit or service on all holidays
$20 additional per overnight stay that includes holidays
$40 additional per extended overnight stay that includes holidays

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Returned Check Fee

If a check bounces or is returned.

$25 + all fees incurred.