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I will never take my dogs to a kennel again! PetCare Group has the greatest pet sitters on earth! My dogs are difficult, to say the least - rescues that are high strung and somewhat fearful of strangers. They now know and trust and seem to really love PetCare Group's sitters. What a relief to know that they can stay at their own house, eat from their own bowls, and take walks in their own neighborhood! When we come home, they are still thrilled to see us, but they aren't crying and shaking as when I pick them up at a kennel. I don't think that my little male, miniature American Eskimo ever slept a wink at a kennel. I believe he just stood there and shook. What peace of mind I have now with PetCare Group taking care of Freddy and Bianca (the alpha in our house)! I couldn't recommend them more highly! Also - the website is superb!

- Nadine

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